META E² F offering flying probe tests newly

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Electrical check of your assembled pcb`s without test points and without costs for a test adapter.

By the end of last year META E² F started with flying probe tests in their production with a SPEA FPT. This is a test procedure for assembled pcb`s. The pcb’a can be tested without needle adapter and test pads. Four test needles fly over the pcb`s and apply contact to solder joints, component pins, vias and of course test pads too.

By comprehensive training and education of our staff we achieve accurate test results and a very fast creation of test programs.

With the free moving pins the assembled pcb`s can be tested very precise.

Individually manufactured test adapters are usual not needed. Tooling cost are lower.

That’s why this test method is suitable for small and middle quantities mostly.


What do we measure and which functions respectively electronic parts can be tested?

  • analogue and digital signals and stimulations
  • Voltages and current flow
  • signal times
  • frequencies
  • resistances
  • capacities
  • diodes
  • transformers
  • integrated circuits
  • transistors
  • inductances
  • short circuits
  • missed connections

In comparison with automated optical inspection the FPT achieves a still higher detection of failures.

Please contact us for any questions. We are able to support you also creating data for FPT from different design tools like Eagle or Altium.