Ideal R-Binder …

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… for wiring harness, agriculture and universal packing jobs

We are now successful in our search of a flexible binder for closing of foil bags, bundling of wires and cable coils in our production of wiring harness.

It can be operated like a cordless screwdriver, but it seems that it is lighter in weight. Whom it is still to heavy, hang it up on a balancer or use the shoulder strap.

2 battery packs establish uninterruptible running whatever in the factory, workshop, in the garden or on the wineyard.

A wide range of twist tie ribbons allows manyfold application. The adjustment of the binding strength is done very simple by two times pressing a button. For use with weak parts and plants two binding adapters are available.

The twist tie ribbon is lower priced than cable ties and this mini tool costs a trickle of a cable tie automat or a yarn binding machine.

Are You interested? Lock at our product shop, contact us and get an offer.


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