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Proportional amplifiers for hydraulic and pneumatic systems

The analog current controllers for installation in 25 mm DIN rail enclosures or DIN connectors are designed to control electromagnetic proportional directional valves and pressure valves. They offer a variety of setpoint ranges, ramp functions and minimum/maximum current settings and are the ideal solution for universal use in many hydraulic applications.
10000010/60 – current controller for DIN rail mounting
10000030 – current controller connector DIN 43650A


Power connectors for use as fast on/off switch or energy-saving circuit

The electronic switches are installed in a DIN connector and ideal for increasing the dynamics and force or for reducing power loss and heating of electromagnetic devices. After a short pull-in time the voltage is reduced to a selectable holding voltage. The connectors can be exchanged against conventional DIN connectors.

10000020/40 – switch connector DIN 43650A


Phase-shift control devices


For operation of vibrators or DC and AC equipment with variable DC or AC voltage settings.
Application examples:

  • Bagging scales for dispensing pellets with vibrating conveyors
  • Speed selection of electric motors
  • Dimming of filament lamps

10000050 – phase-shift control device for mounting on switch panel rails
10000070 – phase-shift control device with ramp up / ramp down function


R-Binder for use in wiring harness, agriculture and universal packing applications

For bundling of wires and cable coils, closing of foil and paper bags, binding of  saplings, grapes and vegetables, The tying machines are battery driven, lightweight and mobile usable. A complete set of accessories is included in delivery. A wide range of twist tie ribbons is available.

30000010/20 – Tying machine for agriculture and packing


Available components

Updated list of components, wire strands, cables and connectors: